Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What was SmokeFreeWorld

By mid-2009 I was too busy to run SmokeFreeWorld as a business anymore.
I'll add some materal about www.smokefreeworld.com to this blog eventually.

SmokeFreeWorld was meant to be an ad-supported, world-wide business directory. Listings were free for smokefree entertainment (restaurants, bars, clubs and so on); businesses based on lodging (hotels, B&Bs, etc.) were asked to pay for listings.

There've been lots of expressions of moral support (and funny hate mail too) but it didn't succeed as a business, or at any rate, I didn't make it succeed, and it wasn't a sentimental project, so I moved on.

At any rate, on the sentimental side, I am so grateful for real change - in many parts of the world you no longer have to deal with smoke when you dine out or go clubbing or travel.