Saturday, April 7, 2007


When I started the web site, the reactions were:
-Isn't it smokefree everywhere? (this in California)
-Smokefree bars - never gonna happen, ha ha, silly nonsmokers
-How dare you even ask if our town has any smokefree restaurants

Now the reactions are:
- You nonsmokers have taken over the world, you hate freedom
- Your list is out of date, mine is better
- Whaddya mean you charge for an ad

The occasional hate mails can be interesting:
"I hope to Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buda, the God of Israel, and all lesser deities, that each and every person in your organization contracts cancer and dies, and I hope your family suffers many different ways. THIS IS NOT A THREAT JUST A DREAM OF MINE. "

Then there was the (self-described) fireman who was angry he wasn't allowed to smoke in the firehouse anymore, and reminded me that the death of those poor people in the world trade center in NYC was for my freedom.

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